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Stained glass Tiffany technique (method)

Tiffany Technique - its a stained glass manufacturing technique that was named after its creator: Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) - American artist and designer, a famous "golden era" decorator, the representative of modernism. The popularity and international recognition Tiffany recieved thanks to his elegant and refined glass, stained glass, lampshades, jewelry. He was one of the most original and creative artists of the time. As the son of wealthy parents, Tiffany Jr. studied painting in Paris and traveled through France, Spain and North Africa. The huge impression on him made stained glass windows of Chartres Cathedral.

One of the first in America, Louis Tiffany turned to modern - elegant and sophisticated style that flourished in Europe at the time. In addition, it is known as the first industrial designer. Tiffany was an experimenter genius obsessed perfection. His goal was to create a new aesthetic that could best reflect the American lifestyle.
Tiffany was active from 1870 to the mid-1920s. He had many talents in various fields of art. In early career, Tiffany appeared before the public as a talented painter, in addition, he was an architect, was engaged in landscape design and interiors, creating new furniture, carpets and wallpaper. In his works he used materials such as enamel, bronze, ceramics, silver, wood and iron. Tiffany designed the huge number of items of different things - from candelabra and crucifixes to desktop phones, clocks and picture frames.

No doubt his exquisite creations praised the audience, but the real glory brought Tiffany glass products, stained-glass Tiffany and other products. Glass, due to its unique properties, opens up endless opportunities for creativity and implementation of new ideas. Under the guidance of experienced masters Tiffany produced thousands of stained glass and lamps, cutlery, mosaics and beautiful jewelry.

In 1882, the company Tiffany received from US President Chester A. Arthur request for renewal of certain parts of the White House. President Arthur, a native New Yorker, was familiar with the works of Tiffany. Unfortunately, after some twenty years came to power Theodore Roosevelt, which completely changed the design of the White House.

Tiffany Technique

Success Tiffany primarily made possible by widespread use of new assemble technology of stained glass. Earlier vitrazhysty knitted individual pieces of stained glass with lead or other bindings and propayuvaly the joints. Under the new method of collection of stained glass, which later became known as a Tiffany technique (method), each cut piece of glass around the perimeter of the first joints ohortavsya thin copper ribbon. Tape width slightly greater than the width of the glass ribbon and the edges of the plane zahynalysya glass. Outlined under sketch, glass, wrapped in foil, tin spayuvaly on both sides on the ground bends tape. As a result of receiving glass, sealed tin reliable light frame. The new method allowed wide broaches minimized and add unique elegance of stained glass, unlike stained glass with wide lead bindings. The new method allowed to collect stained glass from any number of small pieces of glass, which significantly increased their beauty. In addition, this method allowed to collect stained not only in the plane, but in volume, the Lewis Tiffany enjoyed great success, creating a ceiling for lamps.

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