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Stained glass - beautiful decoraticve element

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Custom stained glass

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Stained glass - is a decorative embellishment that is created using colorful glass. For centuries stained glass was used almost exclisively as a name for a church windows. Traditionally stained glass is created as a plane and is used as a window, but in our time designers and artists create stained glass not only in a plane form but i a wide viriety of forms and shapes, such as: lamps, lanterns, chandeliers, windows, doors, ceilings and even sculptures.

To create such a thing colored glass is cut to small pieces, those pieces are assambled and arranged in a certain fashion to form a pattern or a picture in the end. Then those glass fragments is combined one with another with a profile made of lead, copper or brass.

Stained glass has always been perceived like a symbol of comfort, grandeur and mystery. Light passes throught stained glass, refracts in a numerous edges of colored glass and creates trully magical, incredible atmosphere in the enterior. Thats why many solid, respected and influential people and organizations perfer stained glass over simple glass in their windows and doors.

Styles of Stained glass includes: Classic, Gothic, Modern, Abstract and many more.
Techniques: Stained glass Tiffany technique, Stained glass films, Fusing technique, Classic...

Artistic stained glass:


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