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Stained glass windows

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Stained glass windows (Europe, Canada, USA, Ukraine)

Stained-glass windows were used for jewelry and decoration of churches, cathedrals and other important buildings from ancient times. They represent a glass mosaic, which was built in niches and windows. Later, in addition to the usual, there is also the artistic mosaic - it was a collection of multi-colored glass that have been cut out and assembled in a certain pattern or image. These mosaics were collected in lead metal frame and installed in the openings for windows. Gradually making stained glass windows became a separate branch of decorative craft, whose main objective was to create a beautiful scene, able to charm people with his play of light and composition.

Today, stained glass window - a wonderful decorative solution capable of change, decorate and improve virtually any interior and exterior. Putting the stained glass in the windows, you fill the room different colors and create a wonderful atmosphere of joy, warmth and comfort.

Stained-glass windows in often set to create a unique style in the room, focusing on bright colored spots and panels. Stained-glass windows may also, on occasion, if you want to hide is not very good view from the window. In the rays of sunshine colored glass "luminous" and shimmering rainbow colors, rejecting the walls colored highlights. Window made of stained glass easily creates gentle warmth and soft lighting, even in harsh office spaces. Light, created stained glass windows, changing at sunrise and sunset, the night lights of the city when lit lanterns.

Window Dressing is usually performed in the technique of tiffany. Thanks to its features such stained glass can be used for glass without breaking their integrity. The possibility of using silica and acrylic glass, it dramatically reduces the weight of a construct especially when using Tiffany stained glass technique for example.

In our catalog you can clearly see how stained glass improve ordinary glass windows:

Stained glass window Stained glass window Stained glass window Window made of stained glass Stained glass window Stained glass for a window Stained glass window Stained glass window

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In plastic windows stained glass is composed of glass, it is recommended to perform holistic stained glass in a fantasy landscape or pictures. Installing stained glass in the window, you completely change the atmosphere inside and outside the premises.

Stained glass in windows (Europe, Canada, USA):
Insulating Glass, Arched windows.

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