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Stained glass manufacturing in Europe (Ukraine)

Stained glass manufacturing, development, installation, measurements
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Stained glass design and productions

Stained glass manufacturing as an art and as craft, requires from its executor a high level of artistic and ingeneering skills, because first of all you have to make a sketch or a painting, then you will need to take precise measurements, prepape all required materials, cut mosaic using colored glass and other materials, and in the end properly put it all together to create a single solid piece of art. Stained glass have to perfectly fit into its place wether its going to be window, door, ceiling or anything else. If it is stained glass for windows or doors, then they have to resist external factors such as rain or wind. In case of a big windows stained glass has to be built properly to withstand tremendous load and not collapse under its own weight. Countless great-sized windows of medieval era has passed the test of time, some of them exists for a many decades now, and all of this is because they were thoroughly planned and masterfully crafted using the best materials.

Stained glass manufacturing. Production and design of stained glass.

Using good, high quality materials plays a very important role in a process of manufacturing and production of a stained glass. Its so important for a whole lot of different reasons, stained glass production from low quality materials can significantly impair the final result. For example, using low quality glass can cause rays of light to lose a lot of energy while passing through wich then can result in a dim, gloomed glass instead of multiple refractions and reflections that will create a trully wonderful, shiny glass.

Stained glass production

We use high quality materials from best american and european glass manufacturers such as: Spectrum Glass, Wissmach, Uroboros Glass. We work only by order. We treat every client with great attention and respect.

During our work we consider everything with a great attention to details and all other factors, precisely and carefully taking measurements, using only the very best materials. Our designers and artists put their heart and soul in every composition they work with, and by doing so they create unique works of decorative and fine arts, that will entertain and delight you, and your friends, families and partners.

Stained glass workshop Nikos-Art (Europe, Ukraine, Canada, USA).
Manufacturing, design and development of stained glass by order.






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