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Stained glass films (overlay)

Stained glass manufacturing, development, installation, measurements
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Stained glass films for windows and doors

Today there is countless amount of methods and techniques of creating custom stained glass. One of the simpliest, cost efficient and at the same time a very perspective ways to create stained glass is a stained glass films. With help of this technology you simply buy some materials and stained glass films and transform any usual window into a pseudo stained glass in no time.

Materials for stained glass films - its a basis and guarantee of a good quality of a final product. Pioneer and a leader in a stained glass films production is a british company Decra Led. Lead stipe Decra Led is very popular tool in a hands of stained glass manufacturers and a simple peoples who try to create their own stained glass using stained glass films and overlays.

To create one we will need some supplies:

  • Glass from wich we will create our stained glass;
  • Stained glass films;
  • Lead stripe;
  • Facet elements (small glass elements, which allow a relief to stained glass);


In addition, you need some tools: knives and rollers for film and lead tape. Remember that before gluing film on stained glass, it is mandatory to clean and degrease it using detergent.

If you wish to buy supplies for stained glass overhead, then be sure to visit catalog on our website, we are the most popular and necessary materials for laying of stained glass in stock and for the most enjoyable prices. Thanks to them, you can easily create a beautiful and unique stained glass.






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