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Stained glass doors

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Stained glass in doors (Europe, Canada, Ukraine, USA)

Doors - is an important and integral part of any home or apartment. They are essential and can not ignore. Doors can be input and doors, the doors always draw the most attention, especially in cases when it comes to the front door of the shop, cafe or restaurant. Therefore, the front door should look nice and presentable. Putting the stained glass windows in the doors, you will easily cope with this task, because the stained glass in the door play a huge role in creating a cozy atmosphere and attractive interior. Stained-glass window in the door and look great in a residential area, they can be used to create a unique atmosphere of comfort and warmth, decorate, finish, interior diversify or make a smooth transition from one room to another. All this can be achieved with the help of amazing and unique stained glass, installed in door design.

Stained-glass for doors and stained glass for interior doors can be of any type, shape and design, such as:

  • Even difficult backlit door
  • Doors bedrooms with modern abstract pattern
  • Large sliding doors with stained glass abstract pattern
  • Double Radius sliding doors with modern pattern
  • Double sliding doors with a pattern
  • Sliding doors with arched transom
  • Classic door with stained glass inserts
  • Inside the cottage entrance portal with ornament
  • Stained in doorway
  • Sliding interior doors with stained picture
  • Landslides stained doors


Examples of our works:

Stained glass in doors Stained glass in doors Stained glass in doors Stained glass in doors Stained glass for doors Stained glass doors Stained glass doors Stained glass doors

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Stained glass has a mysterious and enigmatic qualities, forcing to attract people's views. Artistic stained glass today are increasingly used in the design space and interior design. The elegance and beauty of any door can emphasize zasklyvshy it. With even the simplest stained glass and inconspicuous door literally transformed in front and become a wonderful and attractive decoration. Decorated door so you can achieve stunning effects and decorative expression.

Stained glass for doors:
sliding, folding, straight and radius doors

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