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Stained glass for Churches and Chapels; Production of church windows and icons

Stained glass manufacturing, development, installation, measurements
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Church Stained Glass.

Stained glass for church – its a icon in glass, wonderful and sacred piece of art.

Church stained glass window (Ukraine, Chernivtsi)Stained glass made its apperance in our churches and temples in a ղ century. From that point in time artists will use them more and more with each year to decorate churches, cathedrals and chapels with breathtaking and incredibly beatiful stained glass windwos and doors. Stained-glass windows and mosaics of characters and even entire scenes on religious themes, with geometric or floral patterns, they were carrying not only the semantic content, but also created a very special, emotional atmosphere.

In medieval European churches and medieval architecture in general, stained glass were compulsory part of the interior. In a first half of XIX century, some architect styles, such as gothic for example were seamless bounded with stained glass. In most of the orthodox churches built in the Gothic style inevitably appeared stained glass windows and icons.

In orthodox religion any picture that represents Mother of God, Jesus Christ or other saints, considered as an icon, no matter how its been created, as a painting, a book case, or a stainded glass window assembled from a bunch of colored glass shards. Any stained glass wingow in church with a saints depicted on them, is a icon in glass.

In our time Stained glass windows, doors and icons can be produced for Churches and Chapels, Temples and Synagogues, Altars and Prayer Rooms. They can be often seen in most of the orthodox churches in western or eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia and USA.

Nikos-Art is a stained glass studio (workshop) that produces church windows and icons of any complexity. We are ready to cooperate with churches, chapels, temples and cathedrals Worldwide. Church stained glass manufacturing is an apogee of our mastery, when we development and manufacturing of church windows and icons combines all our love, effort and experience, all modern technologies that we have ib our disposal, and in the end all of that fuses together as one to create a really awesome, sacred piece of art.


Blessing of icons

Chapel window Church windows blessing Stained glass for church (chapel)

Blessing of stained glass windows and icons


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Stained glass for church Stained glass for church Stained glass for church Stained glass for chapel Stained glass for temple Stained glass for chapel Church stained glass Church stained glass Stained glass for church

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