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Artistic stained glass by order

Stained glass manufacturing, development, installation, measurements
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Artistic stained glass, Artistic glass processing.

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Artistic processing of glass - is an art. Stained glass windows used for centuries in the interior of houses, apartments, cafes, restaurants, temples and shrines. The interior stained glass art can perform various tasks and act in various forms, stained glass piece may be light ceilings, niches in different shapes and configurations in partitions, the sliding door openings in setting and of course the windows. Artistic stained glass, in most cases performed by individual order, and the first stage of the work usually is to create unique stained glass sketch of the future, this work takes our artist vitrazhyst. Next is preparing the implementation of stained cloth - this includes working manufacturing cardboard, glass cutting and assembly of elements of colored glass.

Years of experience with art glass allows our professionals to produce and install the stained glass windows of any complexity and configuration, we can help decorate and place as private interiors (offices and apartments) and public places, restaurants, cafes, banks, churches, etc.

Artistic stained glass in Europe:


Stained glass Europe - Nikos-Art stained glass workshop (studio).
Artistic stained glass by order.





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