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Stained glass for church; Stained glass Tiffany technique

Production of stained glass, Development sketches, Installation of stained glass, Measurements
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Order custom Stained Glass.

Stained glass workshop – production of stained glass using Tiffany technique by order.

Stained glass workshop working in a monumental decorative direction for more than a 13 years now. At least 10 years we specialize in stained glass production. Our workshop are designing and manufacturing stained glass on order, we can create for you a viriety of stained glass in «Tiffany technique», stained glass in brass profiles, and also any kind of stained glass for facades of a buildings and interiors.

Here you can order stained glass. We will craft stained glass for: doors, windows, ceilings, stained glass chandeliers and lamps, also there is another very important direction that we strive for - Design, Manufacturing and Installation of Church Stained Glass windows.

Artistic stained glass has became very popular interior decoration element lately. There is a lot of studios and workshops that work in this bussiness but not that much of them is doing stained glass manufacturing on a really high artistic and technology level. Our workshop «Nikos-Art» specializes on high level of complexity stained glass development and also highest level of quality. All of our stained glass products are unique, custom works.

Stained glass window

Stained glass for interior

Well made stained glass is looking great in almost any interior, complementing and decorating it. Carefully Carefully selected and well-made stained glass is usually performed in the style that is tighlty bounded with interior style, that they made for. Stained glass looks good in a wide array of modern and classic interrior design styles: Hi-Tech, Art-deco, Modern and of course in Classic. Appearing for quite a long time now, stained glass still modern, effective, necessary, and continue to gain popularity among designers, architects and private customers!

We can offer a wide viriety of designs. Tiffany technique Stained glass for doors and windows, Illuminated stained glass, stained glass ceilings, glass pictures or glass patterns and also mosaic art glass. We design and develop all of that with great love and diligence in our hearts, using best materials and our expirience to achieve the best result. In our portfolio there is many examples of our works that was done in a different techniques and methods. They are always available for your viewing pleasure at our workshop in Chernivtsi city or simply browse the Gallery on our website.

Our stained glass workshop developing and producing stained glass for a long time. Tyffany stained glass is a great example of a good artistic taste and high level of production mastery. Dreaming about beauty and originality of you house of office? - Our stained glass products will help you to fulfill this dream!
«Nikos-art» workshop welcomes you. We will do our best to make your order with maximum care and love and consider all of your wishes on the way!

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4.03.2013 Stained glass workshop Nikos-Art can develop and produce custom stained glass of any kind.

We offer a wide range of stained glass products of any kind and complexity: for doors, for windows, for ceikings, for interior doors etc.

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